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It requires an investment and involves the risk of being left with hundreds of products that did not work for you. You search for products of any type, technology, fashion, pets, clothing and more, in the Chinese online store AliExpress, and offer them in your Shopify online store, with a  Job Function Email Database few clicks. And there, you raise the price. If a user buys a product from you, don't worry about shipping, the provider will take care of it. As simple as that. You do not have to buy the product before selling it, nor do you have to take care of the shipping, because you will never see that product physically. It seems easy, but it has its joke. For example, it is essential that you invest in advertising. But let's go back to the beginning, to explain what you have to do. Shopify, create your online store You have to have an online store in Shopify. It is a simple platform to use. You create your online store from a template and register your products. But it has a price, and it is an income. I advise you to open a new email with the  Job Function Email Database name of your store.

Then you put your personal address. You choose a template. The payment templates are optimized and work at the user experience level. A template can cost you between $ 20 and $ 90. You can customize it with the template editor. Find the products you are interested in selling For that, you can use the Oberlo app from Shopify, which searches for product opportunities in various stores. You can import them to your Shopify store, change the price and product photos. It is a web application that connects Shopify and AliExpress. If a customer is interested in buying your product, Oberlo takes care of the  Job Function Email Database gateway with AliExpress. It is one of the most successful Shopify apps. Installs easily. It is a free application, but it charges you a monthly fee if you have a lot of sales. We go to AliExpress and search for the products that interest us. Here it matters that you check the products with epacket type shipping and look at the delivery times, according to the countries.

We copy the product link and import it into Oberlo. You can change the name of the product, the description and its variants (large, medium, small, etc.). You can, more simply, install the Oberlo extension in Chrome, so that when you browse on AliExpress, you only add the product in Oberlo, with a single click. To receive payments, you have to  Job Function Email Database your Paypal account, or register your bank account with some of the gateways that work with Shopify. Promote your Shopify store When you have your store with products, you have to promote it, otherwise no one will see you. You can use Facebook Ads, so that your ads appear on the users' Facebook and Instagram wall. I recommend creating conversions type ads, with several countries and a maximum massive interest. You will have to install the Facebook pixel in your Shopify store. You can also promote yourself with Google Ads in the search engine or on a partner site. In that case, you sign up with a Gmail email to have access to Google Ads, and instead of looking for interest as in social networks, you look for keywords that define your product.

Tips to make money with Dropshipping Do not sell common products that can be found in any type of store. You have to choose a novel or rare product. Try not to give the customer too  Job Function Email Database many options. It is best to focus on one or a few products. In the same way, avoid putting too many colors on your product, the customer begins to despair. Give an added value to your products that nobody has; for example, give an e-book to the  Job Function Email Database user, extend a guarantee or provide good customer service. Don't give up in two days. Dropshipping is not an easy thing to do, even if it seems like that. Finding your product and your audience, understanding how the process works will take some time. Also, it is a business to test until it works. Your online store has to be professional, try to have a professional, complete, beautiful and functional page.


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