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The posts sponsored or not that caught your eye. Generally, the creative element has greatly contributed to this, whether it is a Job Function Email Database Video that started automatically Image that caught your eye An advertisement with an image that catches the eye will be more likely to get clicks and therefore decrease the CPC you understand now I think!. As you can imagine, you test a lot of things on your ads. I give you the elements to AB test in order of importance Creative image or video Format single image vs image carousel, for example. Ad title bold text Teaser Note test the emojis in your advertisements, they can attract attention and "disguise" your advertisement as a regular post. Call to action button.

Audience Network Facebook's third-party app network and website. By default, all of these options are selected when you launch a campaign ... Let's face it, you will have better control over your costs by choosing your investments yourself. My advice if you are just starting out Modify the placements. Choose Facebook and Messenger to Job Function Email Database start Note if your target is also on Instagram, in this case choose Facebook and Instagram. Also keep the option “All devices”. You can't know in advance what works best between mobile and desk to Job Function Email Database. Then, wait 2 days and see the results of your ads by placement! Computer news feed The news feed on mobile It can be seen quite easily that the computer news feed is the winning placement More conversions 16 than other placements mobile, Instagram,right column Lower cost per result € 0.44 than other investments In this case, the choice is quickly made. I choose to Job Function Email Database eliminate the placements on Instagram and the right column even.

I separate the mobile and the desk to in to different segments, and I allocate a larger budget on the desk to Job Function Email Database than on the mobile.We can see in my example that my advertisements were shown more on desk to than on mobile . Facebook quickly realized that this is the placement that earns me the most, so my ads were shown more on desk to Job Function Email Databasep than mobile. However, most of the time, I see the opposite more broadcasting on mobile than desk. Which of these 2 ads catches your attention the most? This one ... Or this one? Chances are you preferred the second one… And I know why. The first is well written, it is true, but it has not received any social validation . In other words, no one reacted or commented! And it shows.

As a Job Function Email Database result, you will see your ad repetition increase, your click-through rate CTR decrease which will have a definite negative impact on your CPC and your cost per action. For this reason, you should always have at least 2 ads served per audience! This is sort of an AB test since you will be able to measure at the same time which of these 2 advertisements offers the lowest cost per action. On the Job Function Email Database other hand, you "protect" yourself from repeat advertising. But where to start? Watch this ad and tell me what you see first. I'm willing to bet you saw the picture first. The visual of your advertisement plays a key role in the success of your campaign.


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